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Equestrian campgrounds in both Washington and Oregon States offer many beautiful and often remote and secluded campgrounds throughout both states. From camps on or near the ocean to forest camps throughout the Cascade Range and into the desert regions of both states you're sure to find the perfect place to tie up for the night.

Equestrian Camps in Washington and Oregon States Most of the camps are set in beautiful northwest forests and offer streams, rivers or lakes for you to enjoy fishing, swimming or boating when you're not out riding the trail. And the trails are endless, many located at the campground and journeying into forests leading to other beautiful northwest locations. On the east side in Washington State, ride the canyons, acres of grassland, basalt cliffs, and glacial potholes. In Oregon, visit the Steens Mountains, Vinegar Hill-Indian Rock Scenic Area, North Fork John Day and Eagle Cap Wilderness' and the Snake River and Hells Canyon Wilderness.

Campground fees can range from up to $20.00 per night on down to $8.00 per night with many only requiring a Northwest Forest Pass or Discover Pass. Some are no fee at all.

Whichever state you choose either Washington or Oregon, you're bound to find exactly the right place to stay the night and enjoy what both of these beautiful states have to offer.

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