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My Experiences

All of the campgrounds listed were visited by yours truly in the spring and summer of 2005. Since that time, I've revisited many and noted any changes on the "Update page". I've attempted to make finding these sites as easy as possible to locate using "turn right, turn left" directions to get you to your destination. The directions to the camps were written down as I drove them. In the newest editons I've added GPS coordinates if you choose ths method.

Also at the end of each campground section you'll see a section that features "dispersed sites". These are places to pitch a tent in even more remote areas, usually with no toilets or tables but fire rings of one sort or another. I'll be adding to these sites as I come across them and post them on the updates page between editions.

NOTE: I have made every attempt to visit each and every campground listed. There are times however, when because of snow, washed out roads or other natural developments, I was unable to blunder my way to every site. I did, however get as close as possible and give, what I believe, are enough directions to get you there.




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