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Why I Wrote These Books

I like to camp free so I started keeping a list of no-fee beautiful and remote spots I discovered while driving the back roads in my home State of Washington and was amazed how many wonderful remote and secluded free campgrounds still existed.

After talking to a lot of folks about different campgrounds I love, I found that many people are tired of camping on paved roads in giant campgrounds that often require reservations in advance and charge anywhere from $10.00 to $25.00 or more per night. Camping has somehow become an extension of home, with all of the conveniences including, heaven help us, “pitching camp” with the T.V. playing.

I put this guide together for those of you who, like me, are looking for campgrounds that are smaller, more remote and secluded, which in turn makes them more private and relaxing. For those of you with kids, this is a great opportunity to get them out into a natural, more primitive wilderness setting where they can check out all the wonderful things that the great outdoors has to offer. Wilderness is great; let’s pass it on.




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